'We named our guesthouse after its location in Paço De Ilhas, a small rural village with a rich cultural heritage dating back to the 13th century'

Paço D'Ilhas

Paço D’Ilhas is a small rural village with a rich cultural heritage dating back to the 13th century. Once upon a time the Kings of Mafra, the nearest city, used our premises as their summer retreat when temperatures soared inland and the ocean breeze would function as a natural airco, which it still does up to this day.

Casa Paço D’Ilhas is located on an elusive hilltop overlooking the world renowned surfbreaks of the Ericeira world surfing reserve on one side and the lush countryside of Santo Isodoro Municipality on the other side. Set in a quiet outskirt of Ericeira, we are surrounded by the nature and wake up with the sound of the breaking waves when a good swell hits our shores. Yet we are located just a short drive away from Ericeira, a traditional Portuguese fishing village that has been catering for tourism for over eight centuries, but still always managed to maintain its original character, symbolised by its labyrinth of windswept alleys that whisper tales of sea faring adventures.

We are set in the middle of a world-class surf zone with an exceptional variety of surfspots ranging from powerful reefbreaks to mellow beachbreaks, catering for different levels and tastes of surfing. This exceptional surf potential, a vibrant marine ecosystem, an established yet burgeoning surf culture, and a community centered around ocean pursuit and enjoyment are the perfect setting for successful management of coastal resources. These factors made the global surf community aware of Ericeira’s true grandeur and awarded our 8km stretch of coastline with the prestige World Surfing Reserve title. The first coastal region of it’s kind in Europe and the 3th in the World, besides other iconic surfing hotspots like Malibu, USA and Manly Beach, Oz.

But Casa Paço D’Ilhas is not all and only about surfing! Our proximity to Lisboa, Portugal’s enchanting capital, the Unesco heritage town Sintra, the lush nature of the Sintra-Cascais natural park, the world class kite- and windsurfing spot Guincho and a wide variety of other cultural, sportive and nature activities and sights on offer making Casa Paço D’Ilhas the perfect home base from where to explore this exceptional region!