‘Enjoy your well deserved me-time with our on site therapists’


Here at Alma do Paço we aim to offer you a holistic leisure experience. So after action must come relaxation! Yoga needs no further introduction: hailing from ancient India this physical, mental and spiritual practice has slowly infiltrated the mainstream Western world and is now an essential component to create and maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Join our yoga teacher Karol de Souza  for a daily mix of early bird and sunset yoga sessions throughout the season. Whether you are a handstand-a-day kind of person, or haven’t touched your toes in years, Karol tailors the classes to your needs, encouraging deep, nurturing relaxation for all. 

  • One hour group class (from 2 persons onwards): 20€ per person
  • One hour private class: 40€ per person

*Well maintained mats, bolsters, straps and bricks are available to use free of charge

*Please make sure to inform our yoga teacher prior to the class in case you have any physical and/or medical complaints so they can adapt accordingly. 


Why not combine your week of rushing to the beach with a little me time and choose a deeply relaxing, therapeutic massage?

The benefits of massage run deep – relaxation, stress reduction, improved circulation, helping the immune system and improved posture to name but a few.

Select the right treatment for you: whether looking to soothe aching surf muscles or those tense computer shoulders, to kickstart your body’s ability to let go, or to surrender entirely to a deeper mind.

The skilled hands of our massage therapists Karol de Souza and Saskia Knoop have years of experience in relaxation, deep-tissue and sports massage and will shape the massage to your own individual needs.

  • 60min. massage: 60€
  • 90min. massage: 90€

*Please make sure to inform your therapist prior to the massage in case you have any physical and/or medical complaints so they can adapt accordingly.